We cherish the relationships we have with our clients and know the homes we build together serve as foundations for enduring friendships.

"Everything is even more impressive than we imagined it would be."

We just wanted to take a moment to tell you how thrilled we are with our latest Windstar project. Everything is even more impressive than we imagined it would be. Since the project began, the Windstar team has given thoughtful consideration to each decision and shown dedication to making our home truly spectacular. On several occasions, your team took the initiative to make recommendations and add details that will surely take this home to the next level. Of course, none of this comes as a surprise to us. From the day we moved into one of your beautiful spec homes, the Santa Barbara, to our first design meeting on our new Windstar home, you have exceeded our expectations at every turn. Timeliness, quality, service, and most importantly, Windstar's ability to bring fun to the process have made our relocation to St. Petersburg an extraordinarily positive experience. We've enjoyed working with you so much that we daydream about our next Windstar project, though it will have to be a secondary home, as I doubt we'll ever leave the dream home you're building for us now.

– Jon and Suzanne Clements

"...our experience with Windstar Homes has far exceeded our expectations. "

My wife and I would like to take this moment to express our sincere gratitude as it relates to the construction of our new home. We have been involved in multiple construction projects over the last several years, however, our experience with Windstar Homes has far exceeded our expectations. Considering the grand scope of the project we were thoroughly impressed with the attention that was paid to every detail from the initial design to final completion. You were able to fulfill every wish and desire requested in creating a warm family environment while maintaining exquisite elegance and functionality. You have assembled an exceptional team who has always gone the extra mile on our behalf. We truly appreciate you for creating the home of our dreams and it has been a pleasure being a part of a Windstar Homes project and ultimately experiencing the Windstar way.

– Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Burrill

"...this is the only way to build homes of this scale and caliber."

I have complimented Windstar Homes, on more than one occasion, as the only residential building company I am aware of that has constructed a project of this magnitude in not only a timely fashion, but workmanlike, always clean and without compromising quality. Impressive. I had lost faith in a lot of our brethren. We, too, believe this is the only way to build homes of this scale and caliber.

- George E. Sturdivant, Sturdivant Construction

"You went over & beyond the call of duty, and we really appreciated it."

We really wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us during the home building process. You both went over & beyond the call of duty, and we really appreciated it. We wanted you to know that we will look back on this experience with fond memories because of your dedication.

- Jackie & Jeff Petersen

"We have always been proud to mention that our builder was Windstar."

We wanted to send you a letter to let you know how very pleased we are to have a home built by Windstar. Everyone that visits our home recognizes the quality and detail of your product. We have always been proud to mention that our builder was Windstar. Your recent efforts to acommodate our repairs after 2+ years since our occupancy speak volumes on your commitment to your construction and reputation. Please know that we will always recommend Windstar to our friends. Thank you once again for everything and a wonderful home. We look forward to many years of enjoyment.

- Jeff & Becky Tolrud

"Every part of the Windstar staff helped us so much."

We have been in our beautiful home for 2 years, however, beautiful quite understates every Windstar home we have ever seen. We have built homes in the past and have never had such a wonderful experience from concept and design all the way to our grand opening party. Every part of the Windstar staff helped us so much. Susan and I not only refer our friends who are in the market for the best, but would absolutely build with Windstar again. We have learned so much about top level craftsmanship. Most importantly, they do stand behind their product and even today they take all the time

needed to answer any questions I have. The difference between my builder and everyone else is integrity, which is a better foundation than steel and concrete. We're proud owners of an Aurora Award winning Windstar home.

- Dr. Dan Prasatthong


"...like a symphony played by an inexhaustible imagination... and the architecture was music in stone."

I have always been fascinated, even haunted by the nearly unattainable concept of perfection in design and execution since long ago reading Ayn Rand's novel The Fountainhead. Quoting a key passage, “... no artifice had altered the unplanned beauty of the graded steps. Yet some power had known how to build on these ledges in such a way that the houses became inevitable, and one could no longer imagine the hills as beautiful without them... but they were like variations of a single theme, like a symphony played by an inexhaustible imagination... and the architecture was music in stone.” My wife Lonnie and I now live in such a place; that place is our fabulous new Windstar home.

- Richard Kiracofe


"...we chose Windstar over others for their creative vision.."

We have long admired the creative architecture and excellence of construction performed by Windstar Homes. When it came to our dream home on Tierra Verde, Oceanview Drive, we chose Windstar over others for their creative vision of what would be best suited for the site. Long before we even had the pleasure of meeting David Lesser, he had already that vision in his mind. We are convinced and believe without a doubt in his ability to visualize the appropriate home for the surroundings, creating a magnificent and comfortable home while focusing on views. Windstar Homes is comprised of outstanding architectural, interior designers and construction professionals who are wonderful to work with and have perfected their construction and design techniques with passion. You become a member of the family when working with Windstar. They get to know you personally and deliver a valuable, distinctive masterpiece design, a home which will reflect your personality and appreciation for beauty. It has been an enjoyable and excellent experience having Windstar design our home and assist us in the construction of our home. You are truly remarkable!

- Craig and Eva Sas