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A real distinction of Windstar Homes is its never-ending commitment to Excellence. The company employs a comprehensive, customer-focused, managerial methodology to help concentrate its efforts of maximizing Customer Satisfaction through Continuous Improvement and complete involvement of its entire work force. Because referrals are a builders life-blood, Windstar's principals and its entire workforce understand the importance of high customer approval ratings, as well as giving clients a reason to recommend Windstar Homes to their friends and families.

We cherish the relationships we have with our clients and know that the homes we build together serve as foundations for enduring friendships.

Our Passion permeates every-thing we do from finite details to our unwavering commitment to Customer Satisfaction.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful home. I really cannot believe this is our home!!! I LOVE EVERY SQUARE FOOT!!!!

– Deloris Kent

Windstar Homes, Where Living Begins! 

I have complimented Windstar Homes, on more than one occasion, as the only residential building company I am aware of that has constructed a project of this magnitude in not only a timely fashion, but workmanlike, always clean and without compromising quality. Impressive. I had lost faith in a lot of our brethren. We, too, believe this is the only way to build homes of this scale and caliber.

– George E. Sturdivant
Sturdivant Construction

Windstar Homes brings a new level
of design sophistication & craftsmanship to Tampa Bay.

We have had so many compliments on our home - including the design and layout of it, as well as the workmanship in it! You have been so kind and easy to work with - you actually made the tedious process of designing and laying out the house fun.

– Mike and Lori Mondor

Windstar Homes systematically combines the Designing, Specifying, Budgeting, Building and complete Interior Design efforts, including Furniture & Window Treatments, into a well organized, efficient process that is truly enjoyable for all.

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