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A real distinction of Windstar Homes is its never-ending commitment to Excellence. The company employs a comprehensive, customer-focused, managerial methodology to help concentrate its efforts of maximizing Customer Satisfaction through Continuous Improvement and complete involvement of its entire work force. Because referrals are a builders life-blood, Windstar's principals and its entire workforce understand the importance of high customer approval ratings, as well as giving clients a reason to recommend Windstar Homes to their friends and families.

We cherish the relationships we have with our clients and know that the homes we build together serve as foundations for enduring friendships.

From Draftsmen to Craftsmen, Unsurpassed Quality goes into every Windstar Home.

We have been in our beautiful home for 2 years, however, beautiful quite understates every Windstar home we have ever seen. We have built homes in the past and have never had such a wonderful experience from concept and design all the way to our grand opening party. Every part of the Windstar staff helped us so much. Susan and I not only refer our friends who are in the market for the best, but would absolutely build with Windstar again. We have learned so much about top level craftsmanship. Most importantly, they do stand behind their product and even today they take all the time

needed to answer any questions I have. The difference between my builder and everyone else is integrity, which is a better foundation than steel and concrete. We're proud owners of an Aurora Award winning Windstar home.

– Dr. Dan Prasatthong and Dr. Susan Blankenship

Recipient of the coveted "Award of Excellence."

I have always been fascinated, even haunted by the nearly unattainable concept of perfection in design and execution since long ago reading Ayn Rand's novel The Fountainhead. Quoting a key passage, “ artifice had altered the unplanned beauty of the graded steps. Yet some power had known how to build on these ledges in such a way that the houses became inevitable, and one could no longer imagine the hills as beautiful without them. ...but they were like variations of a single theme, like a symphony

played by an inexhaustible imagination ...and the architecture was music in stone.” My wife Lonnie and I now live in such a place; that place is our fabulous new Windstar home.

– Richard Kiracofe

Windstar Homes. Passion, Precision, Perfection. That says it all!

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