Your home should reflect more than just your taste.

It should reflect who you are. That’s why we feel that getting to know our clients—really understanding who they are and how they live—is the most important part of the new home design and building process. We go beyond building exquisite residences, creating unique, truly one–of–a–kind homes perfectly tailored to our clients' individual lifestyles.

The shared journey from dreams to discovery continues to feed our creativity and passion, and is an experience we savor. Let us take you on this journey; together we will design and build a home that will fulfill your dreams, exceed your expectations and enhance the lifestyle you have worked so hard to earn.



We believe that the design and building of a custom home should be a seamless process. This innovative and integrated design-build approach is evident in the creative and distinctive homes Windstar produces. You should feel confident that the entire team involved in the design and building of your new home is working together in concert with the same vision in mind. The level of integrated design-and-build services that Windstar offers clients is unparalleled in our market. From the Architecture and New Home Design, to the home’s Interior Design and Decorating, and everything in between, Windstar’s full range of services will make sure you get that exquisite home you and your family have been dreaming about.

At Windstar Homes, we spend a lot of time getting to know you. We make sure we understand your family’s needs, your design preferences and your budget to create a home design that’s both practical and elegant. That means that when construction begins, you can relax. We manage construction closely, ensuring that our contractors stay on budget and on time, and that your home is built according to the highest industry standards. When you choose Windstar, you enter into a collaborative process that allows you to create a place to live that’s a true expression of your own signature style, aesthetic and discriminating standards. Windstar Homes, Where Living Begins!


Windstar’s integrated design process utilizes creative vision, innovation and intuition as key drivers in the evolution of our Award-Winning Custom Homes. Computer modeling and massing studies are an integral part of the process, which aims to achieve a deeper understanding of the home’s organic relationship to its surrounding environment. Various 3D computer models are created to explore both the functional and sculptural aspects of the project. By continuously refining these models, the process perfects the spatial configuration and architectural expression of the home, both inside and out. With an emphasis on sustainable design, our elegant homes bring together indoor and outdoor living, delighting even the most discerning clients. At Windstar Homes, we work tirelessly to achieve our clients’ goals through the most innovative methods of design and construction.

Interior Design

You’ll also want the inside of your new home to be well designed while showcasing your unique style. That’s where Windstar Design Group’s interior design consultants come in, providing expert guidance that ensures you’ll be happy with both the interior design process and the final result. Because our interior design team is part of the process from the very beginning, interior design is fully integrated with the architectural design. The Windstar experience is about trust, confidence and convenience. Through a series of appointments and meetings at various designer showrooms, you’ll gain an in-depth knowledge about the latest trends, finishes and methods of construction. Your design consultant will walk you through every step of this seamless and exciting process, helping you create your dream kitchen or that stylized architectural ambiance that makes your home truly unique.