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July 13, 2013 (Orlando, FL) – On July 13th, the Southeast Building Conference (SEBC) crowned its champions of Design and Building Excellence. Sponsored by the SEBC and the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB), this event is known as the “Grammy’s” of the homebuilding industry, and awards the best in design and building throughout the South Eastern United States.

Windstar’s recently completed 4,000 sq ft Caribbean-style home dominated the night by receiving Aurora Awards® in three categories: “Best Custom Home,” “Best Master Bath” and “Best Kitchen.” According to Bobby Gross, who with partner David Lesser, own Windstar Homes, “The honors received tonight are extra special because this very unique residence was one of the smallest homes we’ve designed and built in more than ten years. It shows that great design and construction quality doesn’t only come on large-scale projects, and regardless of the size and scope, we deliver the best product in our market dollar for dollar”.

In addition to these high honors, this home was also presented with two (2) of the thirteen awards given annually by Residential Design & Build Magazine® for Design and Building Excellence. These awards are very special because of the limited number the magazine gives per year.

Founded in 1996, Windstar Homes provides a wide range of services that include New Home Design; Landscaping and Swimming Pool Design; complete Construction Services; as well as the full range of Interior Detailing and Decorating, including Furniture and Window Treatments.